eeeeeee well i’m 28…….look about 20 a lot of time. Actually I look like I’m a lost child on a school trip most of the time. Girl. Experimental glasses wearer. Entrepreneur. Student. Kind of with a “proper” job. Wear weird clothes. Avid Christmas jumper wearer, even when it isn’t Christmas. Weird in general actually. Socially inappropriate and awkward, not in the shy sense….just say silly things. I’m the funniest person I know. Gin in teacups. Often have a hole in my shoe. Addicted to sushi. Hopeless romantic and adventurer. Often twist my ankle and fall over.

2013 was a bit ridiculous….matches how bloody ridiculous I was. I hope my stories make you laugh a bit. Lots of things I want to do in 2014. Writing things down makes me do things. Trying to be a grown up sometimes.

New Year’s resolution numero uno 2014….be slightly less ridiculous.


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